A great match with The Gamblers, some very exciting news with Little Shot getting her first ‘Clean Match’ and TrailRider also getting his first ‘Clean Match’. Woo boo! Way to go cowgirl and cowboy!!

Maintaining 1.5m, great catch up

Was a great day, a few more of us got clean as well 😉 so will be interesting to see results.

The weather stayed kind for the most part, with just the odd little shower that didn’t ruffle our feathers – or make the tables too wet for staging.

6 stages done with 2 derringer stages at the end, thankful for the use of Mad Dog Tannen and Prairie Joy’s – that was a whole heap of fun. Look forward to bringing mine soon.

Beers and cheers at the end!

See you on the trail.

Kat xo

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