Rusty’s TV and Movie Cars

A museum found along Hollywood Drive in Jackson, TN, Rusty's is worth a quick stop and if he acquires another building he will have a further 30 cars on display in addition to the 20 displayed in his current building.

Rusty Robinson has been collecting cars since he was 14 years old. He has been buying tv and movie cars with many being the originals. He also has replica's he has built himself and his attention to detail is outstanding.

Rusty will give you a quick tour then leave you to take photo's and check them out.

First we have the original firesuit and hood of Ricky Bobby's – Talladega Nights AND his underwear from the fire scene, lol!


Pee Wee's big adventure, original bike.


Next the original Fast & Furious Nissan GT-R that Paul Walker drove in the fourth movie and the neon green Eclipse from The Fast & The Furious.


Original Herbie Fully Loaded.


A replica Teenage Mutant Ninja wagon that Rusty built with the actual toy sitting on top.


A replica built full size Ghostbusters vehicle.


The DeLorean from Back to the Future and original futuristic red heavily altered Ford Probe from Back to the Future Part II.


Starsky and Hutch's Ford Gran Torino. A variety of Gran Torino's were provided for the filming of the series from 1974-1976 models. They all came painted in code 2B “Bright Red”.


Wayne's World original 1976 AMC Pacer with gorgeous baby blue paint and blue and white upholstery. Some other mods were made to the vehicle for the filming and additional restoration was carried after so it could be roadworthy again.


The actual batmobile from Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Adam West's bike from the TV series of Batman.


The 'Death Race' car Jason Stathom drove is the actual one that was built for the film, using a 2006 Ford Roush Mustang as the base.


The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard is a replica in fine condition.


Also replicas of Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and of course Lightning McQueen from Cars.


Quentin Tarantino's 2007 film Death Proof featured Kurt Russell. This is the actual Nova used in the film and the jacket Kurt Russell wore.


He's got Munsters, Beverly Hillbillies and Blues Brothers replicas. The Blues Brothers film is said to have crashed the most cars during filming ever.


Then there is the actual sparkly purple vehicle used by Eddie Murphy in Norbit including his shirt.


This bike ridden by Damon Wayans in Blankman, is in full working order with its obscure parts. The main part of the bike was the one Arnold Schwarzenegger road and crashed in Terminator 2!


Knight Rider, remember Kit? Well that's there too.


The gorgeous red coyote from Hardcastle and McCormick.


Last but not least the bike used by Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider.


I can't remember which cars but Rusty did mention that a couple of them only have 200-500 miles on them. An amazing collection and there are all sorts of other memorabilia as you walk in the door that I didn't get a pic of.

Would definitely visit again when he gets the rest on display.

Kat xo

Click on the link to find out more Rusty's TV and Movie Car Museum


National Corvette Museum

Time to hit the road and make the trek back to OK and make a stop in Nashville and soak up the country music atmosphere.

Along the way and needing a break we see a sign for the National Corvette Museum, being the rev heads we can be, we decided to go check it out.

Wow! Wow! As soon as we get in the door their are “special orders” sitting awaiting their new owners pick up this next week.

Jack gets to take a ride in one, haa haa haa! Check out some of these prize draws as well and no, we didn't buy a ticket 😦

So we head to the counter to pay and we have to sign some indemnity form for a sinkhole or something. Now not really paying attention and keen to get in and check out the cars we really didn't take in the whole 'sinkhole' thing!

Do you remember on the news in February of this year about the sinkhole that dropped 8 corvettes into the hole, a tragedy we thought and saw it even back in Australia, well this is the place!

The cars that unfortunately went into the sink hole? A classic 1962, one owner – it survived pretty well, “Ruby” the 40th Anniversary edition, not too bad but the 1millionth and the 1.5millionth are messed up and the devastating mess of the 2001 Mallett Hammer is now about a foot wide having taken the most damage from boulders and dirt, the first to go in the hole.

Some will be restored and a couple will be left as is – they truly are a mess.

Harvey Earl was the Head of GM styling. He started toying with the idea of a sporty concept car in 1951, having gained approval in 1952 to make the concept car a reality and be ready for display at the 1953 New York Motorama.

This is when the best engineering help of Maurice Olley came into play as well. Chevrolet employees were asked for name ideas and one of their PR photographers Myron Scott is credited with suggesting Corvette after the British Navy class of fast-pursuit ships. Now, Corvette has long been known for Motorsport and there are many racing and pace cars on display in the Museum as well as all the history – from it's foundation, branding, progress, model changes etc.

The history of the change in Corvette is an interesting one in itself, with Zora Arkus-Duntov (born in Belgium, raised in Leningrad and led a very colourful life) having seen the Corvette on display in New York, wrote the company and came to work with GM in 1953. He was an amazing engineer and had also raced and won in his class twice at Le Mans. He is the man who changed Corvette from something gracious to one of the most respected sports cars in the world.

A fantastic museum, would recommend visiting for sure. If you are into cars and ever get the opportunity it's huge and drool worthy. Rest of the pics will be on Facebook.

Anyway there is so much to learn, go see it! Check out the website below! A visit on your way through Bowling Green, Kentucky is highly recommended and will need a couple of hours at least!

What a ride!

Kat xo

Sunday July 20th