Kansas – Nebraska Day Trip

Travelling along, no car projects this trip, so snooze! Yeah that sounds pretty good.

We were heading north through Kansas and came across Waconda Lake between Beloit and Cawker City, a massive expanse of waterway. Not much out this way except lots of farming and Beloit is clearly a very large agricultural hub.


Continuing North we took a quick side trip for a mile off the Hwy8 which took us to the Dr Higley cabin. (Lovingly taken care of, restored and remaining on its original site thanks to Mr and Mrs Pete Rust)


Birthplace of 'Home On The Range' the Kansas state song was written in 1871 by Dr Brewster M. Higley as a poem of his property in Kansas alongside Beaver Creek. In 1872 he gave it to a guy by the name of Dan Kelley who set it to music. A refrain was added (the chorus, home, home on the range….) and his poem 'my western home' became 'home on the range. The poem and song were published in 1872 and '73.

It became popular amongst Cowboys riding long distances with cattle drives and later Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it as his favourite song. In 1947 a bill was passed in the Kansas Legislature establishing the song as the official state song.

Continuing on, we crossed into Nebraska, heading towards Minden.

Minden established 1877 – the Christmas city – has a nice selection of old homes and the Harold Warp Pioneer Village. Anything and everything you could think of from mans progression since 1830. 26 buildings, 3 city blocks – not enough time to do in a short afternoon.


Next to Kearney (pronounce Car-nee). We crossed the Platte River taking us through even more farmland. Soon we hit the I80 into Kearney through the The Great Platte River Arch Monument. We went into the Arch Monument and their historical exhibit, wow! Oh….my….goodness!


The murals were just sensational! So much detail! Standing there looking at them while listening to the commentary you saw so much more. This is a place I could come back to multiple times and still see more. You were given a device at the beginning of the tour that had multiple points during the tour where you got the information along the way. More than that, the displays, the video's, the models, murals, everything was sensational!


Then it was find a motel to stay in and tomorrow we will see the some other museums, maybe a railway one and Chimney Rock before moving on through to Cheyenne, WY.

Sleep well!

Kat xo

P.S. The I80 was Einsenhower's way of employing those back from the war by building the greatest Trans continent road between SanFrancisco, California to New York. A multi lane highway stretching from one side of the country to the other! Made transport easier and gave all veterans an employment opportunity.


Grand Canyon West Skywalk

This morning in Kingman we were going to do the Mohave Museum of History and Art but on entering we realised we had actually done it along with the Route 66 Powerhouse Museum in 2012.

So a couple of snaps of the murals on the outside of the building, and a Happy 100th Birthday Bonelli House – missed that one again – opens too late for us, and we are on the road heading for today's adventure.


We are close to the western rim of the Grand Canyon and seeing as we have talked about doing the skywalk in the past, there is no time like the present!

It is sunny and cool today, a little cloud but I'm betting by the time we get there we should have some sensational views!

As we pass Chloride, the backdrop of mountains is stunning and can see some dusting of snow still. I wonder if there will be snow still in the Grand Canyon? They had some the week before.


The weird looking cactus trees I mentioned were trying to flower yesterday? Joshua Trees and this is about 21 miles of a Joshua Tree forest.


Well we made it to the rim! Little bits of snow, sunshine and glorious views! First stop was Hualapai Ranch…..hmmm, I'm sorry but the cowboy buildings and facades were better at Winter Range. Lunch was good though and made use of the wagons to get a decent photo.


Onto Eagle Point and the Skywalk. WOW! Just love the scenery you find here. Standing on the very edge of the canyon it is hard to fathom the depth or get 4000ft into perspective. For me it was like standing at the top of an 82m tower crane, very cool! Jack enjoyed it because there were railings and felt comfortable at the feeling of enclosure.


You can't take photos on the skywalk and all belongings are to be locked into lockers before you go through security. Then you don the fabulous shoe covers lol, and can proceed to walk onto the glass skywalk.


Not only is the view spectacular but the great engineering feat that went into making this happen is truly outstanding. One million pounds of steel, 83 million pounds of glass – the 10ft wide platform can hold 71 million pounds, the equivalent to 71 fully loaded 747 planes!


A quick stop at Guano Point and before the next little ice storm hits it's back in the bus and head back to the main terminal.


There is a little ranch on the side of the road as you head out to the Skywalk and this sign was at the side of the road. As you head out there it says……


And as you are coming back it says…. (Bit hard to read – says long road ahead, come here instead)


Haa haa haa, anyway, on the road now to the next overnight stop in Boulder City.



Kat xo

For more information about Kingman and it's museums or Grand Canyon West Skywalk, click on the links below.