Smokin’ Guns At Rabbit Ridge Part 2

Okay, so after the exceptional opening ceremony yesterday, we shot 5 stages, got a little more suntan, had a blast with our posse and finished on a high note!

Friday I think as previously mentioned, was Wild Bunch, side matches, and a chilli dinner with joke night. THAT brought out some of the best and worst from all ages (might I add).

Saturday after the exceptional opening ceremony (see Smokin' Guns At Rabbit Ridge Part 1) we went through 5 stages of the main match which was pretty good and then we had a range dinner of catfish, shrimp and hush puppies with coleslaw and fries – of course a cupcake, and chicken tenders for Jack and others that didn't want catfish!

We had the band play last night but we retired reasonably early.

Throughout the night the thunder and lightning kept some of us awake and when it was time to see in the new day this morning it was still raining at a reasonable rate. Yuck!

Breakfast was had and by the time we left for the range it was very very light.

When we were ready to start shooting, all rain had ceased and we were blessed with spectacular cloudy, or cloudless weather for the rest of the day. It was particularly water logged and muddy – to say the very least!!!


Our group of shooters, Posse 1, (which included Annie Hicock, Fast Fingers Green, Billy Broncstomper, Belle Vaquera, Jackaroo and myself, C.S. Brady, Trail Agent, Slick McClade, Harpe, Jackalope Jeb, Red Jack Morgan, Okie Buck, Outlaw Bill Wilson, The Arizona Ranger and Three Sheets) finished in spectacular style, sliding into the very muddy Train Depot stage.


The clean match winners were announced and given a guncart hand towel. A neat idea and something different.

The veterans from each division (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard) were presented with a special challenge coin. I didn't know they had an area on the entry forms to state service, Jack had put his service down too and was pleasantly surprised to be included in this honour.

I present to you the 'Veterans Posse'. Everyone gave a standing ovation to these men and women. We thank you for your service.


Category awards were handed out with Jack and I both winning ours. Congratulations to the Lady Wranglers; Dew R Dye 2nd and Belle Vaquera 3rd! To the Silver Seniors; Three Sheets 2nd, 3rd and 4th!


We worked out 12 of the 16 in our posse placed!

The Mississippi State overall champions were Blackfish Kid for the Men's and Lady Gator for the Ladies.

The overall match champions were Slick McClade and Slick's Sharpshooter (not related, she belongs to a different 'Slick' family! 🙂 )


Well done to the Mississippi River Rangers for a fabulous and memorable weekend.

Kat xo


Smokin’ Guns At Rabbit Ridge Part1

……I'm an American soldier, an American, besides my brothers and my sisters, I will proudly take a stand, when liberty's in jeopardy, I will always do what's right, I'm out here on the front line, so you can sleep in peace tonight….. (yes, sing along, Toby Keith's American Soldier) well, what a heart rendering opening ceremony as Smokin' Guns at Rabbit Ridge is known for. The presentation of the Color Guard is the highlight to this match which usually falls on Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all those who have served and are serving, be it here or across the world.

Sweetwater Sage riding Quervo trotted down the range with the Christian flag and Tumbleweed riding Sunny with the American flag ready to hand to Col. Benjamin Grierson and Sgt. Hampton for raising. This is all whilst they have Toby Keith's, American Soldier playing in the background. Man, just brings tears to your eyes. Just truly sensational! Go to Facebook to see the video.


After the Color Guard, National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, was a very moving tribute to Easy Lee who passed away just a short time ago. Fellow cowboy's from the Mississippi Rangers led a procession with the painted pony bearing a set of cowboy boots back to front in the stirrups, his rig, pistols and hat astride the saddle. May he rest in peace.


With the fire of multi shotgun blast, the ceremony was complete and after having the usual group photo beside the paddle steamer facade everyone departed to their assigned Posse and we are ready to throw some lead down range!


Five spectacular stages completed under light cloud cover with intense humidity….,yeah that's probably a good way to describe it, although I think the humidity hit its peak earlier this evening when the sun came out and we were all hanging around waiting for dinner and the band.

A visit with vendors, chatting with folks, drinking beer. Yep, sounds like a whole lot of fun!! When the band, Drivin' Sideways, got on to play with our resident star guitar player Fast Fingers Green from Oklahoma, we were rockin' out to the good Ol' tunes. (He played with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Conway Twitter when teenagers! Just imagine! I was so born in the wrong era, love this music!)


We called it a night, been a long day, got another long one tomorrow (yes it was only 7.45pm when we left the range 🙂 ) and just too sticky to stay out longer.


Night y'all!

Kat xo


Guthrie, OK

Walk down the main streets of Guthrie, Oklahoma and you are met by some of the most beautiful architecture at every turn.

Guthrie started out with the Land Run on April 22, 1889 where it became an immediate town of some 10,000 people and was the first capital of Oklahoma. Well for a few years it was, until a special election in 1910 named Oklahoma City as the state capital and it was from 1913 as it is today.


It's still a little early for shops and some Museums, so we headed for the one we knew was open – The Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library.


I had to ask the lady at the Museum, because I've thought about it for some time, what the difference is between Sooners and Boomers? Now I know, she and the Museum explained it well and no it is not just related to the University cheer song.


During and leading up to the Land Run – the 'Sooners' as they became known were the cheeky ones getting to the unassigned lands first. Checking out the ideal plots of land and then hiding out until the whistle blew for the race for the land grab. They would then pop up out of hiding and stake their claim.


The 'Boomers' had spent many years through government and legislation trying to get access to the land and often came in setting up towns only have to the army move in and shift them back to where they came from and burn the towns down.

The Museum was really good, fantastic information AND I found a new and interesting character to portray in dress. Loved perusing the Montgomery Ward & Co catalogue!


Hee hee hee, would love to get my hands on a copy of this Lady's Etiquette book as well! Might have to research this one. If the drafting books language is anything to go by, this should be hilarious!


In 1907 Oklahoma became the 46th state of the United States of America and so another star was added to the flag.


The original state flag commemorated Oklahoma as the 46th state, it was later changed because with its mostly red nature it fell out of favour where the colour red was associated with certain war conflicts around the world. 1925 saw the current design take over.


The library is stunning, beautiful timber work, high ceilings, and fireplaces.


A well worth trip to this Museum if you are ever in Guthrie.


Back up the road we walked – Saloons are few and far between these days. Back in the day there were 22 saloons in the main block!! What's an Aussie to do when they can't find a beer at high noon? One girl did offer for us to come in and she'd pour one for us while she was changing light bulbs (officially opening times for the few bars/restaurants is 5pm) we thanked her and declined.

We stepped inside the (once) Blue Bell Saloon and was glad to see the bullet hole ceilings and the gorgeous bar were still intact. However, was only patroned by a few having hamburgers (a cafe restaurant now) and not one beer tap to be seen, no bottles of liquor on shelves no nothing!


The famous western movie star Tom Mix used to bartend here.

Anyways, it's time to take the Historic Trolley tour of Guthrie then we will find somewhere for lunch.


Suffice to say there are some 2,000 historically listed buildings and homes in Guthrie. Some designed by architect Joseph Foucart.


There are a few parking lots that used to have what I can only imagine to be the most beautiful sand stone hotels, including the Mineral Wells Bath House with its indoor pool – said to have every kind of healing bath imaginable.


There are many examples of Greek revival, Georgian and Craftsman style homes to name but a few. (I can see a few 'Fixer Uppers' here too! I've been watching that show too much lol!)


So much information that I didn't get down in time as I was busy gazing at the buildings and homes but this one did make me giggle. This little red and grey home was ordered in a complete package form from Sears and Roebuck catalogue – sorta like your very first IKEA kit you might say!


Guthrie used to be wealthy for its cotton producing. A gentleman by the name of Adler was the first to be licensed for wholesale liquor manufacturing (funny how I remembered that bit 🙂 ). The very first services, gas, electric, water and more, all came out of Guthrie. The most famous lawmen for the area, known as 'The Guardsmen', were Heck Thomas, Bill Tilghman and Chris Madsen.

Last but not least Guthrie was originally a train stop and was known as Deer Creek in 1887, all 4 major train services came through this stop including Souhern Kansas Railway (later taken over by Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway). As some of you may know the ATSF was also associated with the Harvey House era and Guthrie's second depot was indeed a Harvey House stop (restaurant style stop for travellers, full service) and the Harvey girls lived in dormitories on the second floor level of the stop.


Trolley tour finished we had lunch, went to the Extra Special Fabric Store that I have been told had some awesome prints suitable for Cowboys and Cowgirls. It didn't disappoint, walked out with some new fabric for Jack and myself. Will be back there again.

Then we headed to the Drug Store Museum and wow! If you've got anything wrong with you, you would definitely have found all sorts of known and obscure cures for any type ailment. Was very interesting.


We wandered in and out of antique shops before hitting the road back to Edmond. A worthy little day trip only a half hours drive away.

It is Memorial Day weekend here (like ANZAC Day in Aus) Lest We Forget.


Kat xo

For more info, check out some of these sites.,_Oklahoma


Smokin Guns at Rabbit Ridge

Another gorgeous weekend shootin' it up at the home of The Mississippi River Rangers.

Approximately180 shooters turned out for 3 days of fun. Side Events, Wild Bunch and a warm up match were held on Friday, Saturday 6 main match stages with the last 4 stages and awards today.

This is the second time we have been there and love that range. For some this is the start of the Triple Crown; Illinois and Tennesee being the other two legs but we wouldn't be able to make these ones.

Main match was opened with the colour guard and a whole match photo at the Steamboat. We had some great fun with Posse 5, some new faces, had shot with a few previously as well, so a good mix.

Saturday night was dinner and band 'Drivin Sideways' at the range where our very own Okie celebrity, shooter 'Fast Fingers Green', was Guest Guitar Player. We had the pleasure of sitting with the fellow Oklahomans Saturday afternoon and listening to them pick n play guitar. Fast Fingers, Red Knee and even the kids were having a go, including 'K D Steel's son who is going to go to music school – lots of talent! Fast Fingers however used to play with Jerry Lee Lewis' band back in the day and plays in a band still, every week.

This morning brought another cloudy start which meant just before it burnt off was getting humid and ready for a hot day again.

We were done before lunch time and then soon after into the Awards. Side match awards were done Friday night where I place 1st in Lady's Traditional for Wild Bunch. Men's Traditional 'Stump Man' and…..I can't remember the winners of Modern, that's bad, normally I remember.

Our main match Posse – Bama Kid, Blackfish Kid, Canoe Creek Kid, Sidekick, Mr Black, Cherokee Sergeant, Dew R Dye, Tuff Stuff, Riphawk, Red River Ralph, Sweetwater Sue, Hot Lead Lefty, The Arizona Ranger, Jackaroo and myself.

Main Match awards 'Jackaroo' got a buckle for 1st in Senior and a little plaque for Didn't Get A Cadillac – means 1 miss! I recieved a plaque for 2nd in Lady Wrangler and a certificate for Best Dressed Shooting Costume.

First Man and Lady Overall for the match went to 'Lead Ringer' and 'Slicks Sharp Shooter', good job!

Well done to all involved from the Mississippi River Rangers, great plaques and buckles and for hosting another awesome shoot!

Cheers Kat n Jack

P.S. And yes I noticed the Quigley Down Under pic on the certificate. 🙂