Coming Ready or Not!

Winter hit last week a little early with snow all day on the Monday! Was a pretty sight and okay because I didn't need to be going outside!


Wednesday was practice day and snow was still hanging around albeit a lot had turned to ice by now. Five of us braved it…..doing it tough……inside the saloon with the heater on! Haa haa haa!


The rest of the week was filled with sewing corsets, britches and painting as a few projects get finished up.

We had Hawkshaw Fred and Annie D Vine come visit Saturday and Sunday which was great. Dinner, pavlova, Rebecca Creek and breakfast out with the final pavlova for lunch before they left! Looks like we are heading to Texas for Thanksgiving.


It's sunny but cool and I see some more Christmas lights going up! Yay!

Back to finishing painting!

Kat xo


Merry Christmas

All ovvvver, the world!

It's already Christmas Day in New Zealand, the east coast of Australia and dawn is breaking on the west coast of Aus.

It's Christmas Eve here and the stockings were hung with not much care…..I should have ironed them but Jack probably still hasn't noticed so I'm not changing it now. Lol!


There are a few pressies under the tree, good enough for me. (OMG it's rhyme time, look out)

There's a pavlova in the oven, floors yet to clean, but I thought I'd take a moment and set the scene.


It's been an adventurous week, with some sewing to tweak. Had a range practice day, for a moments delay. Made a sticky date cheesecake, Jack pleaded to bake. My chauffeur he drove me, around to lights I could see.


We had snow on the ground, such beauty all round.


A club shoot today, just a few came to play.


By this arvo there'll be a stiff drink in my hand, while I sit here with Jack and talk of days planned.

But before I wish a Merry Christmas and all, I thought I'd leave off, with a song for you all. (Must be sung now to Have A Holly Jolly Christmas)

Have a holly, jolly Christmas

It's the best time of the year,

Family, friends and those you know

Let's all gather, have a beer


Have a holly, jolly Christmas

When they are near or far,

You are always in our thoughts

Whether it be by plane or car


Oh, ho, crackers and cheese

With wine if you need to

Nuts, choc's and candy canes

Did you bring the trifle Sue?


Have a holly, jolly Christmas

hope Santa was good to you

Don't forget the reason though

Christmas came to you


Oh, ho the mistletoe

Hung where you can see

Hugs, laughter, kisses too

Make it special for thee


Have a holly, jolly Christmas

And in case you didn't hear

Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas

This year!!


Brought to you by Kat's warped mind.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wih love and hugs from Jack and I

Kat xo


Succeed or not succeed?

Well the pavlova itself was outstanding – even if I do say so myself. Very happy with that, didn't sink much either considering I cracked the oven so it would cool quicker.

The cream that I had whipped ahead of time……never had trouble doing this in Aus……had gone soft or runny and before I could stop myself after one spoonful had put the whole lot on top.

Probably should have tried whipping it again before putting on.

Berries went on and slid off or sunk….grrrr.


But all in all, was still a success, tasted good, cooked to perfection, can safely say have conquered this! Next time will do again and whip cream last so I get the total awesome effect instead of half assed. So much for trying to be organised…sigh.


Kat xo


Making the elusive Pav!

Man, I've attempted this dessert before (Christmas 2014) without much success and what resulted in a brownish flat mess that tasted like pavlova and could be covered up with cream etc. you get the drift.

So for today's BBQ I decide I need to make it again after being inspired by Myskal's version for the Shanley's.

What is a pavlova I hear you say? It is a staple dessert for Australians during summer festivities, usually at Christmas time. However all credit goes to the land of the long white cloud as it originated from New Zealand. Hence my inclusion of Myskal 'cause that's where she is from! 🙂

So back to the dessert attempt. I think I have this gig pretty much sussed out when I find a Donna Hay recipe (famous chef in Australia) and think that is pretty easy – again perhaps slightly delusional about my pav making skills!


So let's have a crack! Got the egg whites (went for a carton of them from the store), got a ton of bakers sugar (otherwise known as caster sugar in Aus), got my whisk, although I seriously do miss my KitchenAid. Clean bowl, everything prepped ready to roll.


Okay so this is taking forever, only managing some sort of thickness where at least I can tip the bowl sideways and nothing falls out.


She'll be jake, should be right to add sugar!?!

Okay so recipe says add tablespoon at a time, waiting 30secs in between each. Rightio, timer on, let's go, I get through painfully a cup and a half of sugar and all I've got is this runny marshmallowy looking mess. Not….happy…Jan! (No reference to anyone in particular here, this was a line from a tv ad in Aus years ago, works for lots of things and is a bit kinder on the ears! Lol!)


Into the bin!

Next start next batch, everything clean, dry etc. stupid………same thing! Ahhhhh this is frustrating! Ditch another batch of gooey marshmallowy substance.

Right! It'll be fun they said. (Rolls eyes and cussing here) go to real egg whites. Web tips say egg whites should be room temperature. My ass, haven't got time for that! Stuff the whisk, going to the beaters too!


Ta-dah!!! Holy cow it freaking worked!


Let's move into the addition of sugar, while adding gradually I gave it quick sharp beats to keep peaks! It's working, it's…working….! Didn't wait 30sec's in between either.


Next throw in the vinegar and give it another whip up! Sensational! Think I finally nailed it!

Now how does that saying go? The proof is in the baking!? Yeah something like that. Well it's looking pretty bloody special at the moment!


Half an hour in to baking and it is still holding form! Yes, happy dance or excited typing in my case!



Kat xo

Lol, I know you want the after pic right? You'll have to wait til later 😉


Pavlova – The Aussie Fave

Now there is nothing like learning a new skill at any time is there?

I’ve never made a pavlova before. The Aussie iconic dessert. No time like the present when you have a Christmas party to attend……tomorrow!

Can’t be that hard can it?

Step 1. Internet research for the recipe, because remember I said I’ve never made this before. Check – a couple of recipes found.

Step 2. Go to shops buy beaters, hmmm I really miss my kitchen aid. Try and guess what caster sugar equivalent is here. Bingo! Got that one.

Step 3. Try and find appropriate Aussie fixings for topping. Nup, no passion fruit to be found and can’t even buy the pulp in a can. Bugger! (Typical Aussie phrase when something’s not going right) well, looks like it is cream, berries and white chocolate sauce for this pav!

Step 4. Apparently to get this right is to allow the eggs to come to room temperature. Are you serious?! I managed cookies while enebriated last weekend surely I can make a pavlova this week while non-intoxicated!

Momentary pause – 3 beaters in the box? 2 ‘normal’, one whisk? Wait one, while I read the destructions people. Bit flash for a set of $12 beaters! Haa haa haa.

Okay, let’s go, I can’t wait for room temperature eggs, I’ve got better things to do!

Step 5. Separate whites from yolks. 8 to be precise. First success.


Step 6. Beat until they are light and peaking. You know, like the foaming crest on a wave. (Okay maybe I have had a little too much tequila already)

Looks about right.


Step 7. Gradually add caster sugar, aka granulated white cane sugar.

Meh, looks about right and doesn’t feel ‘grainy’ as they say. So think I’m on the right track so far.

Step 8. Vinegar, vanilla essence……..appears I’ve lost the vanilla essence or don’t actually have any! Hmm to add the vinegar or not then. What the hey, let’s do it. Maybe agave will work? Does it really need to be any sweeter than all the sugar already added anyway?

Oh yeah, tastes pretty, bloody good.

Step 9. Add cornflour aka quick mixing all purpose flour, make extra drink and get this baby in the oven!

Step 10. Looks and tastes like I expect it should so far (the boss approves). Fingers crossed!


Ahhhhh! An hour later and the crowd goes wild! Looks like success! Yee haaaa!

Now it says leave in oven with door open for 6hrs to cool and then shouldn’t collapse or crack. Righto.

So people, we are off to Fort Smith tomorrow for club shoot and then home to decorate this wonder before taking it across the road for the party. Hopefully it doesn’t collapse.

You will have to wait to see the finished product then.


Kat xo