Now, Where Were We?

Oh yeah, so last Thursday we were heading here to Albuquerque, breakfast on the way, making a quick stop in Weatherford at the Thomas P. Stafford Air and Space Museum….as you do.

We have driven past it a number of times and it's the usual, 'we should stop and have a look at that place one day'. So this day we finally did!


In we trotted. To give some small background General Thomas P. Stafford is a well respected Oklahoman, and indeed throughout the nation, a man who was an author, fighter pilot, astronaut and test pilot. He commanded Apollo missions.


Inside the museum there are a number of planes from the Wright brothers days to the Lindbergh non stop Atlantic flight in the Spirit of St Louis, WWI fighters, experimental aircraft and modern day marvels.


Then there is a whole section on space exploration including the Russian joint missions during the space race. There are replicas of satellite launchers from around the world and unique information boards to imagine how much 'John Deere' horsepower it would take to fire up just one F-1 engine.

Go on, you're dying to know right? Try 56,000 John Deere 9620R tractors equivalent! The Saturn V rocket used 5 engines so that's enough tractors to reach from Weatherford, OK to San Francisco, CA or 283,800 tractors end to end.


Anyway, from the information we read in the museum Stafford was a very influential man both in flight and space, not only flying during service, commanding missions in space but teaching others to do the same and his expertise in these fields earned him the highest honours and Congressional Space Medal of Honor.


All in all, this was a neat little museum and is worth a visit, takes about an hour.


Now it's been a wild weekend but I'll get to that tomorrow after the Wild Bunch dinner and awards are done.

Kat xo

P.S. Well it's today now as the bugs were finding the light of the iPad in the darkness last night. Wild Bunch Awards and dinner tonight. Will do Wild Bunch blog tonight! 🙂


End Of Trail 2017

It is June and that means one thing. The World Championships of Cowboy Action Shooting, End of Trail, is on this next week!


Well actually we head out today for Moriarty, New Mexico. The van is loaded to the hilt! It will be a full day's drive with the occasional stop on the way.

Tomorrow we will head out to Founders Ranch to pick up our packs and check in. Dropping gear off to other Aussie's and catching up with a few friends.

Saturday will be the start of the Wild Bunch 3 day championship so will be back in touch then!

Travel safely those who are heading that way as well, all 600 of you!

Kat xo


Diary of Desire Part 8

After many hours of trimming, beading (1,216 to be precise) and hand stitching embroidery I finally finished 'the' gown, culminating in the most exquisite piece I have yet produced.

For one very happy client, Texas Flower is in love with her gown to which I am extremely pleased.

The McDowell Drafting Machine and its book of instructions were indeed true. It states that, if correct measure is taken then a gown should be produced and ready to ship to your client without inconveniencing the wearer with numerous fittings.

Despite my misgivings, I now believe every written word in that book! Having made the gown in Australia and finishing it here, Flower had not once tried the gown on until we met in Moriarty last Tuesday. It fit perfectly!

I had a minor conniption when I realised I had not bought any boning with me to add stays to the bodice but am happy to say it did not require it.

This makes it even more like the original really where it was noted (in an article by Peaches O'Day and Miss Tabitha, SASS Chronicle 2012) unusually, did not have any.

Finally, on Friday evening all hand stitching was done and I could hand the gown over to one very excited and happy lady.

The 'Diary of Desire' was worn to the banquet Saturday night and to all our delight Texas Flower was EOT 2016, 1st Place, Best Dressed Lady.

Under the evening lights of the Belle Union Saloon those little Czech glass beadlettes shone bright like stars and the smile on Texas Flower's face!


True satisfaction from a yesteryear seamstress.

Kat xo


End Of Trail Cowboy Action World Championships 2016

As the saying goes…come for the shooting, stay for the people….its End Of Trail 2016, the 35th Anniversary of cowboy action shooting.

Last Tuesday was warm up day and the start of 6 days of fun. Well for some they could do warm up Monday as well but we were still wild bunching it!

Wednesday I assisted as an instructor in the Doily Gang ladies clinic along with Shamrock Sadie, Two Sons, Sass Kicker and Half-a-hand Henri.


We had around 18 ladies that we shared information with and coached through a stage giving them tips for working on or improving their transitions. I hope all the ladies enjoyed it as much as I did, working with 4 other World Champions, all sharing their knowledge.


It was on to the official Opening Ceremony that same afternoon. Jack and I had worn our Aussie outfits and I was honoured to carry the Australian flag as part of the ceremony recognising the countries participating this year. Australia, Austria, Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, Germany and USA participated this year.


The 2016 class of new Regulators were announced with many friends recieving the accolade! Top Hand award went to Blackjack Zac. Congratulations to all!


Thursday, Friday and Saturday were main match days. 4 stages a day, 36 posses going through 3 waves per day.

We were on Posse 32 – Buck Skunk, Deadeye Colt, Deadeye Jake Maas, Cat Ballou & Tex, Texas Mac & Texas Flower, Doc Neilson, G.W. Wade, Hands, Louie, Ranger McDuffie, Tijeras Pete, Timbercrick Mick, Tooth Ache, Whiskey Rick, Wyatt H. Ristl, Yellowstone Vic, Jackaroo and myself and of course our Posse leader Half-a-Hand Henri. (Was great shooting with – now – a 10 times World Champion and all won in different categories! What an inspiration this lady is!)


Saturday night was party and Best Dressed Costume contest. Lots of entrants fronted up for best dressed in different categories but the main one I was concerned about was Texas Flower in the 'Diary of Desire' gown. Doc Barium also showed up in her Seaside gown and hat I had made for her last year! So now I had two entries in the costume contest.

Grin from ear to ear when both ladies with their exceptional stories, were announced as 1st Place for Texas Flower!! 2nd place for Doc Barium and the lovely EZ GeeZee 3rd place for her Mexican civil war gown.


To round out the night the Top 16 Mens and Ladies were announced. Made it to the shootout!

Men's – Missouri Lefty, Waterloo, Matt Black, White Lightning Jack, Cobra Cat, Cody James, Creek County Kid, Ranger McDuffie, Roy's Creek Dan, Deuce Stevens, Austin Black, Damascus Jon, Duke Skywalker, Lead Ringer, Nick Nitro, Pecos Nick

Ladies – Shamrock Sadie, Echo Meadows, Kathouse Kelli, Sass Kicker, Slicks Sharpshooter, Bonnie Macfarlane, Panhandle Cowgirl, Two Sons, Spinning Sally, Texas Tiger, Whirlwind Wendy, Diamond Kate, Belinda Belle, Hey You, Little Red Sure Shot, Morguns Ann Ammo

Sunday to finish off a top week of action the shootouts were held for both Wild Bunch and Cowboy. Had a couple of fumbling runs through cowboy, shootout sure gets you going! Congratulations to Slicks Sharpshooter and Cody James for winning the shootout.

For main match awards – well, Jack got a buckle finishing 10th in Silver Senior category, much to his surprise after a 5 round rifle jam on a stage. Aside that, he shot extremely well during the match. Jack's back! Congratulations to General Jubal Early this years Silver Senior World Champion and to all other buckle winners.


To all my fellow Lady Wrangler competitors including another Aussie, Ex Sighted in 6th place and to my main competitors finishing 2nd place Echo Meadows (only 9secs between us again but rank points change that), Dew R Dye in 3rd place, a big congratulations to all buckle winners. This is one happy cowgirl taking a back to back world champion win!


A huge congratulations to the 2016 Overall Champions – Missouri Lefty and Sass Kicker!


What a day, what a week and a half!!

Leaving the dusty trail for another year,

Kat xo

June 26, 2016


EOT Wild Bunch 2016

We arrived into Moriarty a fortnight ago on the Thursday afternoon and got ourselves ready for a huge week!

The Wild Bunch World Championships commenced on the Friday with warm up and side matches.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were the main match days. Now I managed to convince Jack not to over do it, so he sat this one out. He still came to the range every day with me and was helpful in loading mags and the loading strip while I was listening to stage instructions. (thanks man, love ya)


I was with a great Posse, some new faces, some I already knew and have shot with before. A good mix of modern and traditional shooters. Thanks to Texas Jack Morales, Last Chance Morales, Goatneck Clem, Capt Sam Evans, Mojave Mick, Boggus Deal, Lady Jane, Idaho Sixgun Sam, Big Casino, Big Iron Patnode, Colorado Jackson, Beaver John, Claudia Feather, Czexican Dave, Hipshot, Fast Hammer, Marshal Stone, Poke and Tumbleweed Thom.


The stages were great, a tough match but a whole lot of fun. The average number of pistol rounds was 25, some had 20 and some had 30 but generally the 30 round only had rifle or shotgun, not both.


As you can see from the photos there were a whole lot of knockdowns which made it interesting and I still think I'm getting used to having a front sight again. In short I need to practice on some smaller targets!!


Didn't get to do the BAM Match (Bolt Action Military rifle) or long range this time as Jacks rifle sort of fell apart the weekend of the OK State WB shoot. Next time!

Anyway at the end of 3 days……and a week of cowboy in between……I got a neat little badge for 2nd place wild bunch shooting costume. Had a run in the Wild Bunch shootout, AND finished 3rd in Ladies Traditional with two fabulous ladies Lady Jane in 2nd place and the lovely Lacey Doyly the 2016 World Champion Wild Bunch Ladies Traditional!


From the one handed shooter!

Kat xo


She’s ‘Armless

Well she won't be for long I guess we are at Diary of Desire Part 6?

I'm cutting it fine but something take careful thinking and consideration. Some might call it procrastination ……in the quest of getting it right.

This morning I've completed all the hand cutting out of the embroidery and now a day of hand stitching and beading!

Just look at her! She's beautiful. The gold thread changed colour when I washed the soluble backing from it (note to self – ask Mum why) but it is delicate and going to look sensational once beaded.


20 hours just in embroidery and trimming to this point.

Soon she will be ready to hand over for her first reception.

Happy cowgirl seamstress

Kat xo

P.S. I haven't forgotten the sleeves, just want to do the triple/quadruple check again.


EOT 2015: Day 3. And So It Goes

Day 3, last four stages, this is it folks, this is what will make Cowboys and Cowgirls, nationally and internationally stand up and shout for joy or slump their shoulders and just go 'oh well'.

Soooo, we head to the range proclaiming how it looks a little grey but no rain expected until midday and feelin' pretty lucky about the early shift.

We are entertained by both good

Tom Payne playing harmonica for us this morning.

hee hee hee, and….bad!

Lazy Dave and Grizzly Grumps from VIC, Australia, hamming it up in their union suits. Said it was too early to get out of bed.

No words could describe the disappointment with the weather man when it started pelting down like cats and dogs and small hail to add to the terrible conditions that had set upon us!


BUT Cowboys are tough, we've shot in ankle deep water, snow, high winds and heat before – so really a little rain wasn't going to stop us but would certainly make us think about our footing and perhaps make these 4 stages a little slower for us than we would really like. Hay went down in areas where required and on we went.

Oh these poor baby birds were in the barn, hopefully mamma will be back.

It's beautiful out now!? So good luck to the other 24 posses shooting in fair weather.


For now, it's beer o'clock and get ready for the banquet. Tonight is costume contest, dinner, dancing and the announcement of Top 16 Mens and Ladies for the Shootout tomorrow.

Good luck!

Kat xo


EOT 2015: Day 2. Main Match

After a brief moment of rain last night, it's not enough to settle the dust but brought clear skies and a breeze to the start of Friday.

Today we are on the mid shift starting at 10.30am and will do Stages 9, 10, 11 & 12.

Well, we did well, one miss today for me 😦 but we know rank points can change everything. Jack had a reshoot and remains clean.

Tex said this is his first selfie, somehow I find that hard to believe! He's a hoot!

Tonight is Saloon Night, so it's back to the Motel to change and come up with something to say for the Daggers and Derringers contest.

There were 6 soiled dove/saloon girls entered in the contest with a further 5 entered for the Parlour House Madam's.

As it turned out after giving my 'story' as contestant #2 I managed to win 1st Place and a Derringer!

Photo courtesy of Nellie Blue, effects by me.

For the Parlour House Madam's was my friend Texas Flower! So we had a picture made together. She had the best story ever and a couple of great accoutrements to compliment both her story and her look.

Think this was Nellies pic too, effects by me.

Time for bed, early to rise in the morning and be on range by 7am. Night!

Kat xo

Disclosure: this story was written for and on Friday, 26th June 2015. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by not airing this at the appropriate time.


Haa haa haa! Enjoy.


EOT 2015: Main Match Begins

It's Thursday people! This morning's early wave will be done, mid wave starting and at 1.30pm we will commence the late wave today.

As a side note: at the motel this morning it is a hive of activity. Etta Mae and Claudia Feather have vacated their room early but are standing in hopes of a glimpse of Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges you ask? Why? Well there is some filming being done at the Motel, so there are lighting crews, sound crews and production assistants moving gear left right and centre and some of the filming for the movie will take place in Rm18 (Claudia and Etta's room) right next door to ours! Plus the car park and the fields across the road.


……….Later that same day out at Founders Ranch, (The important stuff!) safety briefing was held with 12 (of the 36) excited posses ready to hit the range for their first 4 stages of the match.

We are with Posse 32 – Annabelle Bransford, Colbert, Dedo, Duke Skywalker, Hurricane Camille, Jackaroo, James Samuel Pike, John Bohemia, Kathouse Kelli, Max Montana, Rowdy Bill, San Juan, Shenandoah, Tejon Buckaroo, Tex, Texas Flower, Texas Mac, Thunder Man, Tom Payne, Tooth Ache, and V Luna (Viper not in attendance).

We have 2 Aussies, 3 Czech Republic and the rest American. It's a good Posse, everyone is working and relatively fast. So far so good, shot stages 8, 5, 6, then 7 – 1 day down, 2 to go.


With worn out feet we withdraw to have our Posse photo taken and we met a tiny little cutie named Clara. She asked for our autograph. So I had a picture taken with her. I actually think she might be Duke Skywalkers daughter. She was a sweetheart though and I hope she does get to be a cowgirl when she can one day.


Have a great 2nd day tomorrow those who are here.

Cheers Kat!

Oh, and I got interviewed by Shooting USA today when they were there interviewing the Czech's. 🙂

P.S. 7.32pm – It's still all happening outside! Sneaky pic out the window, I know it's not much but there is gear everywhere out there and soooo many people. Saw a couple of actors waiting on the porch when we came back earlier!! Wasn't game to pull the blind back further so you could see ALL the gear!


End Of Trail, Day 1 & 2

After arriving in Edgewood Monday afternoon and checking in, Tuesday morning brought purpose to this next week of shooting.

It was Warm Up Match. We completed 8 stages for the day. All going good so far. The range is set up with some great stage design, a reasonable amount of movement this year but targets are still generous in size and distance. It will be an interesting match!

A wall honouring previous World Champions has been put together in the Belle Union Saloon. A fantastic tribute to our overall Cowgirl and Cowboy World Champs since SASS began. Some have passed, some don't shoot anymore, and some are multiple champions.


There is also a special tribute to the late U.S. Grant (SASS#2) who did so much for our sport and we were lucky enough to have had the pleasure of shooting with him.

Well done to all involved with putting this all together.

Prize draw is different this year too with everyone receiving a ticket in your pack to be placed in the jar relating to the prize. There is anything from guns, ammo, rigs or clothing vouchers to be won.

Into Wednesday and it's going to be another warm one today. This morning there is the cowboy flea market, time to visit vendors and peruse their wares, and, if you care to, take part in the odd side match as well.


This afternoon's Opening Ceremonies begins with Handlebar Bob as fabulous MC, introducing the Wild Bunch and proceeding with the colour guard of flags for nations represented at the 2015 World Championships.


The Star Spangled Banner was sung beautifully by Miss Autumn (Starr?) who has performed at the famous Carnegie Hall.

SASS Scholarship awards were handed out to some very worthy applicants by Justic Lily Kate, the new 2015 Regulators were announced by Hipshot (and to note, our good friends from Texas – Texas Mac and Texas Flower were part of this years recipients) the Judge was presented with a beautiful portrait photo from Major Photography in appreciation of their 20th year of SASS attendance, providing posse and action photos to Cowboys.


In closing Misty Moonshine gave a short eulogy type/let's remember US Grant tribute and a poem by Lassiter about remembering how to be cowboy and the spirit of the game, basically.


The canon went off with a bang and we all dispersed to pay respect to US Grant, hit the bar, eat and on to the Cantina for Margaritas!!


A good time was had by all and we look forward to a great weekend of shooting.

Aim straight and have fun fellow cowboys n cowgirls!

Kat xo

P.S. Among the vendors today, there is one called 'The Old Pine Box' they make beautiful pine box coffins…..I know, I know but I thought it was amusing and took Jack back by there because he always says he wants 'to go out in a pine box' – simple.