Breakfast at Dennys's, fuelled up – us and the car, we are ready to head on down the road.

We don't get to see much of anything too exciting through Illinois along the I70 but we will get to a couple of places of interest.

Just outside of Greenville there is a stop that would make you happy Trailrider! Was a Farm Heritage Museum, a heap of old tractors and implements, restored beautifully, from what we could see.

First up Vandalia to visit the the State Capitol building where Lincoln's political career took off at the young age of 27.


Vandalia was State Capitol from 1819-1839 but this gorgeous building was only erected in 1836, taking only, a staggering 89 days to build!


You even sign the guest register with a feather pen! Cool!

The various rooms are set as they would have been for the Treasurer, Public Accounts Auditor, Court Staff, Governor and the Supreme Court. I'm gathering it must have got pretty cold in these rooms as there is always a fireplace!


There are some great old photos on the walls in the hallway too of earlier streetscape and where would you be without a wax statue of Abe?


Upstairs on the second floor, original floorboards I might add (downstairs had to be replaced in 1933), is the House of Representatives and the Senate. Four fireplaces in each of these rooms, bet that guy was busy keeping the fires stoked each day…………mustn't have been enough hot air already 😉 hee hee hee

There are some old hotels, stores and other buildings along this row unfortunately some stand empty these days.

Across from the Capitol is Lincoln Park, a small memorial to Lincoln, get good pics back across to the Capitol, although was a bit hard with the early morning shadows.


On the west corner of the grounds is a statue 'Madonna of the Trail' representing pioneer mothers of the covered wagon days. We reckon we've had it tough bringing up kids at certain times but I don't think it would be anything compared to those days. We are indeed very fortunate as mothers today.


Moving on its time to hit the road, we will lose an hour crossing through Indiana so we didn't have the time to visit the old Presbyterian Church Museum, the National Road Interpretive Centre or the 'Little Brick House' an 1830's Italianate architecture home – although the guide did say it was closed today.

We ducked into Casey and saw the worlds largest rocking chair and wind chimes and yes, the chimes actually work! Their catch phrase is 'big things in a small town'. They also have largest knitting needles, mailbox, golf tee, token coin, pencil, rule and a few other things.


We arrived into Ohio during a storm and headed through the town of Eaton, tonnes of charm and plenty of historic looking houses! Oooo what I wouldn't give to do one of these up! Couldn't get the camera ready quick enough and too busy looking to get photos.


We are on the last leg into Franklin-Middletown, Ohio. Lots of agriculture happening round these parts.

Middletown is also filled with gorgeous old homes. We found our way to the range and this is where, for the next 3 days, Guns of August will be held.

Made it!

Kat xo


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