Streaking Through Kentucky

That got your attention didn't it! Lol!

No streaking, drive on, drive on.

Springfield, KY – est. 1797, Lincoln Legacy Museum, closed Wednesday's, quick picture of the Lincoln Statue and some nice old buildings.


Perryville, KY – steeped in civil war history, we visited the Perryville Battlefield State Historical site. Great little museum and 30minute film about the battle in October of 1862. The story unfolds with Braxton Bragg's Confederate Army of Mississippi and Don Carlos Buell's Union Army of Ohio.


The museum is very informative and has a great collection of artefacts and uniforms. The cannon or “Six-Pound Smoothbore Field Gun” are always spectacular to look at! The ammunition case beside it was cool and now I know where the meaning of 'shrapnel' came from. The 6pound spherical case shot was invented by one Henry Shrapnel.


The soldiers on both sides suffered greatly as Kentucky experienced drought through this time. Many suffered heat stroke and died of dehydration as well as any injuries received during the battles that ensued.


When you look at the grounds surrounding Perryville, I try to imagine the some 70,000 odd troops that would have been in and around here. Great lines of men fighting each other.


The Bottom House is quite small and still it is hard to fathom hundreds of bodies littering the yard and porch as it was made a makeshift hospital. Many houses during that time were commandeered for such purposes.


Some stats from the brochure.

  • 55,396 Union and 16,800 Confederate soldiers.
  • 203 cannons located in Perryville, 90 were used in the battle
  • At least 21 states were represented in the Battle of Perryville – Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisianna, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • 1,431 soldiers were killed (890 Union, 532 Confederate)
  • 5,618 were wounded (2,966 Union, 2,652 Confederate)
  • 669 missing or captured (433 Union, 236 Confederate)

So in fact looking at those figures for total casualties 7,718 (4,298 Union, 3,420 Confederate) that's 1/5th of the Confederate force and only 1/12th of the Union. Like most of the Civil War period Union forces definitely outnumbered the Confederates.

All things considered, that's a huge victory for the Confederates.

Winchester, KY – est. 1792, didn't see much through here as we sort of bypassed the historic downtown, oh well.

Onward through rolling hills and the green trees of Kentucky. Fall is starting to show her signs of change, as reds and yellows creep through the forest.

We have now entered into West Virginia! A new state for us, staying somewhere around Charleston tonight, then a dash to the very northern section of the state to Berkeley Springs tomorrow.


Signing off with a bit of John Denver ……almost heaven, West Virginia….blue ridge mountains…..

Kat xo


Dayton, Ohio – National Museum of the US Air Force

Wow! Just wow!

Booked in for a 3pm Fighter Pilot 3D movie in the IMAX style theatre. Grabbed a map of the hangars and just in total bewilderment already.


What an amazing museum!

First into the Early Years exhibition with everything from first ballooning to the most famous Wright Brothers and their flying machines, paving the way for many aircraft to come in the years since.


Three hours later, we have only completed the first gallery and viewed the art exhibit, Holocaust Memorial display and tribute to Bob Hope and his years of entertaining troops.


Picked up our souvenir photo, had a coffee and then headed to the souvenir shop while waiting for the movie.


We will be back tomorrow because there are technically 9 more galleries to see and we aren't missing out on this!

So yesterday we went back and checked out the massive display of WWII. Finished in Hangar 1 we looked at the Hall of Fame and into Hangar 2 for the Southeast Asia and Korean War galleries.


There is a lot of photography and artefacts throughout with just a staggering amount of aircraft and equipment. In fact through all the exhibits this is the same. Many of which have been donated or, as in the case of the vehicles and aircraft, when they have been decommissioned from service.


Of course the museum IS the National Museum of The U.S. Air Force but throughout there is mention and records of service men and women from other Allied Nations including Australia, Britain, Canada to name but a very few.


Sunday I mentioned we were going to see the 3D movie – Fighter Pilot, Project Red Flag. An amazing view of the top pilots training at Nellis Air Force base in Nevada (just outside of Las Vegas, we saw the base when we were there last year). Yesterday we watched Aircraft Carriers, 3D, ALSO an exercise involving military from around the world. Both films were about 25mins long and if you find anything online about them they are definitely worth the watch.


The rain had cleared in the afternoon again so we took advantage to see the Memorial Park as well.


This morning we got there early – doors ready to open early – heading to the 3rd hangar with the Cold War Gallery and current Air Force Operations.


We passed through the Berlin Airlift Exhibit and the Missile hall and on to the final new fourth hangar that houses research and development, space, global reach and presidential displays.


We were told you needed at least a full day if not more and that certainly proved to be true. It has taken us essentially 2 full days. It was most definitely worth it. It's free, but food and drinks, souvenir's, photos, theatre and the simulators are basically your donation to the museum. Prices were more than reasonable and photography is allowed in every part of the museum. (She says, some 500 odd photos later)

Kat xo


Guns Of August 2016

What a great weekend, done and dusted!

The weather was hot and humid, like, really humid, dripping is more precise! The shade and trees really only kept the sun off us, nothing else!

Bug spray kept mozzies and other bugs away so that was something.

Thursday was the side match day. Mini warm up, side matches, felt pretty good! Only 1 rifle miss. Rest of the day, clean and reasonable, feeling sensational!

Friday, Day 1 of main match, clean! Six stages and going awesomely. Jack had a couple of undesirables but is shooting really well! I might add that the opening ceremonies were pretty spectacular with Lady Lopez playing the Canadian, AUSTRALIAN and US anthems!! Impressive, indeed.


Friday night at the clubhouse was a ribs and corn dinner and damn fine it was! Thanks to Doc Eells and others!

Got to sit and talk to RJ Gatling and Paden Emmett Cobb only to find out they knew Mary-Lou June and Mary-Lou July! RJ Gatling showed me a picture of him wih the Deere Sista's and turns out Paden was one of the judges for the Daggers and Derringers saloon contest in 2013 when the girls visited End of Trail. Haa Haa Haa!


Saturday, Day 2 started off okay and then a couple mistakes with shotgun made for two not so pleasant stages for me. Jack still went really good.


Done and dusted, we did the shoot off Friday afternoon with rain expected on the Saturday. The awards and banquet were held and all in all we finished up well. I won Lady Wrangler, a few side matches and best dressed saloon girl. Jack came 2nd in Silver Senior. We finished 32nd and 36th overall.

A huge congratulations to Sage Chick finishing not only 1st lady overall but 1st overall! For 1st man overall, a big congratulations to Duke Skywalker!


We had a great Posse led by Two Bit Drifter, consisting of Clementine Valentine, Darby, Darby Belle, J K Tadpole, Bad Bad Beth, Don Jorge, Taco Belle, Billy The Avenger, Deuce Stevens, Drover Dean, R J Gatling, Paden Emmett Cobb, Crazy Mingo, Shell Stuffer, Lady Viper, Jackaroo and myself.

Thanks for having us Lassiter and the Big Irons team!

Kat xo



Breakfast at Dennys's, fuelled up – us and the car, we are ready to head on down the road.

We don't get to see much of anything too exciting through Illinois along the I70 but we will get to a couple of places of interest.

Just outside of Greenville there is a stop that would make you happy Trailrider! Was a Farm Heritage Museum, a heap of old tractors and implements, restored beautifully, from what we could see.

First up Vandalia to visit the the State Capitol building where Lincoln's political career took off at the young age of 27.


Vandalia was State Capitol from 1819-1839 but this gorgeous building was only erected in 1836, taking only, a staggering 89 days to build!


You even sign the guest register with a feather pen! Cool!

The various rooms are set as they would have been for the Treasurer, Public Accounts Auditor, Court Staff, Governor and the Supreme Court. I'm gathering it must have got pretty cold in these rooms as there is always a fireplace!


There are some great old photos on the walls in the hallway too of earlier streetscape and where would you be without a wax statue of Abe?


Upstairs on the second floor, original floorboards I might add (downstairs had to be replaced in 1933), is the House of Representatives and the Senate. Four fireplaces in each of these rooms, bet that guy was busy keeping the fires stoked each day…………mustn't have been enough hot air already 😉 hee hee hee

There are some old hotels, stores and other buildings along this row unfortunately some stand empty these days.

Across from the Capitol is Lincoln Park, a small memorial to Lincoln, get good pics back across to the Capitol, although was a bit hard with the early morning shadows.


On the west corner of the grounds is a statue 'Madonna of the Trail' representing pioneer mothers of the covered wagon days. We reckon we've had it tough bringing up kids at certain times but I don't think it would be anything compared to those days. We are indeed very fortunate as mothers today.


Moving on its time to hit the road, we will lose an hour crossing through Indiana so we didn't have the time to visit the old Presbyterian Church Museum, the National Road Interpretive Centre or the 'Little Brick House' an 1830's Italianate architecture home – although the guide did say it was closed today.

We ducked into Casey and saw the worlds largest rocking chair and wind chimes and yes, the chimes actually work! Their catch phrase is 'big things in a small town'. They also have largest knitting needles, mailbox, golf tee, token coin, pencil, rule and a few other things.


We arrived into Ohio during a storm and headed through the town of Eaton, tonnes of charm and plenty of historic looking houses! Oooo what I wouldn't give to do one of these up! Couldn't get the camera ready quick enough and too busy looking to get photos.


We are on the last leg into Franklin-Middletown, Ohio. Lots of agriculture happening round these parts.

Middletown is also filled with gorgeous old homes. We found our way to the range and this is where, for the next 3 days, Guns of August will be held.

Made it!

Kat xo