Guns Of August 2016

What a great weekend, done and dusted!

The weather was hot and humid, like, really humid, dripping is more precise! The shade and trees really only kept the sun off us, nothing else!

Bug spray kept mozzies and other bugs away so that was something.

Thursday was the side match day. Mini warm up, side matches, felt pretty good! Only 1 rifle miss. Rest of the day, clean and reasonable, feeling sensational!

Friday, Day 1 of main match, clean! Six stages and going awesomely. Jack had a couple of undesirables but is shooting really well! I might add that the opening ceremonies were pretty spectacular with Lady Lopez playing the Canadian, AUSTRALIAN and US anthems!! Impressive, indeed.


Friday night at the clubhouse was a ribs and corn dinner and damn fine it was! Thanks to Doc Eells and others!

Got to sit and talk to RJ Gatling and Paden Emmett Cobb only to find out they knew Mary-Lou June and Mary-Lou July! RJ Gatling showed me a picture of him wih the Deere Sista's and turns out Paden was one of the judges for the Daggers and Derringers saloon contest in 2013 when the girls visited End of Trail. Haa Haa Haa!


Saturday, Day 2 started off okay and then a couple mistakes with shotgun made for two not so pleasant stages for me. Jack still went really good.


Done and dusted, we did the shoot off Friday afternoon with rain expected on the Saturday. The awards and banquet were held and all in all we finished up well. I won Lady Wrangler, a few side matches and best dressed saloon girl. Jack came 2nd in Silver Senior. We finished 32nd and 36th overall.

A huge congratulations to Sage Chick finishing not only 1st lady overall but 1st overall! For 1st man overall, a big congratulations to Duke Skywalker!


We had a great Posse led by Two Bit Drifter, consisting of Clementine Valentine, Darby, Darby Belle, J K Tadpole, Bad Bad Beth, Don Jorge, Taco Belle, Billy The Avenger, Deuce Stevens, Drover Dean, R J Gatling, Paden Emmett Cobb, Crazy Mingo, Shell Stuffer, Lady Viper, Jackaroo and myself.

Thanks for having us Lassiter and the Big Irons team!

Kat xo


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