Berchtesgaden – Cžeskí Krumlov

Before leaving Berchtesgaden this morning, we headed up into the old town area.

Finding first the Information Centre and a short walking tour map. The Old Berchtesgaden cemetery is next door, having been there since 1685.


Next is the Franciscan church (which I only got a partial photo of), a gothic church built in 1480, it was first a convent and then from 1695 til present day as a Franciscan monastery.

Many of the guest houses and buildings through here have been built anywhere from the mid 1700's to late 1800's.

Moving through to the Schlossplatz and the Royal Castle with Museum that we couldn't wait for it to open, as we had to keep moving. The brochure says 'houses a collection unparalleled in southern Bavaria.'

Across from the palace is the 'Arcades' featuring fresco's from Josef Hengge 1929 and 1952 as a reminder of the fallen soldiers of both world wars.

Back up through the main Marktplatz, it's Saturday morning and people are setting up stalls for the day. The streets are all cobblestone through here with beautiful buildings, colour and fresco's aplenty.

Onto Tittmoning, seit 1134 (I guess without looking, that means established?) through an archway into a quaint little cobblestone town square, surrounded with buildings in the square and one way out the other end.

Now it's move on to Cžeská Republika and the town of Cžesky Krumlov. Changes of scenery now (sort of) as we crossed the border.

Na Zdraví!

Kat xo

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