Cžeski Krumlov

Česky Krumlov – a beautiful old Czech city filled with ornate buildings, fresco', and of course a 14th century castle.

We were lucky enough to have exceptional weather when we arrived there Saturday afternoon.

Once checked in to our 2nd floor room which ended up being 3 flights of stone stairs we were free to wander the cobblestone streets.

My eyes just kept moving from one building to the next trying to take in all the architecture, painting and signs.

The centre of the town is almost on an island, the river flows around in a horseshoe shape and today there are plenty of people rafting down it.

We found an outdoor seat at a restaurant, enjoyed a few beers before dinner and watched as they went past.

We took a stroll through the castle grounds later and got a sensational sunset backdrop to the castle tower.

A late coffee and ice cream in the thoroughfare before we turned in for the night, it was still hot but a thunderstorm in the early hours of the morning fixed that mostly.

Sunday morning and it's grey skies and then rain on and off. That was okay though as we were going inside the castle today.

There is no photography allowed to be taken inside the main castle buildings 😦 the Rosenberg family held title over the castle in 1302.
Later it went back to the Eggenberg family and then to The House of Schwarzenberg from 1719 to 1945.

Most of the town and castle dates in 14th to 17th centuries. First stop on the tour was the chapel with its baroque organ, this is an extremely ornate room. Like other areas and other countries, painted techniques were used to make timber fabrications look like marble or exotic wood.
There are a lot of carvings and beautiful paintings. Back then, during the renaissance period, the artificial marble was more expensive than actual marble.
Even the ceilings are painted with decorative surrounds and faux finials.

The property was originally divided between the 5 sons. One was an illegitimate son and only the 4 were given titles and therefore ties in with the four roses in the painting of the forming of these entities, the fifth however was not included in one of these works despite being displayed as a colour later in other works, coat of arms etc.

Most of the rooms were covered in wall carpets that are about 2" thick and woven in beautiful scenes. They were hung against the stone walls and to keep the rooms warm.

The dining room was used for entertaining and often had musicians play there for them as well.

The next room is virtually covered in frescos from floor to ceiling. They are stories from the Bible. It was used as a games room.

I could go on and on about the next few rooms but would probably bore most without a vivid imagination! I will however add the photos that are displayed on the tour price board.

In any case I could visit this city every time if I had a choice to come here I would keep coming back because there is so much to see and take in.

Na zdravi!
Kat xo

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