SASS European Championship Update

Okay seeing as I've been enjoying the time here and not blogging. I'll just give you a quick update between blogs.

So we did warm up the day before and started main match of the European Championships yesterday (Thursday). We did 6 stages, storm was supposed to come and didn't.

5 more were schedule for today…..note I said scheduled! It's been raining since 6am – two delays – but continued thunderstorms and inches of rain has put paid to any shooting for the day.

Yesterday's stages have been scrapped (lucky for me) and tomorrow will see a brand new set up of two posse's working together, 7 stages that everyone will shoot to produce an overall result.

With thunder, lightning and 20cm/10" deep of rain on the ranges (even though they were trying to pump it off) nothing is happening, was mission impossible for today.

So to everyone shooting the European Championships!

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Kat xo

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