Arrived in Prague today have had a nice lunch, checked into Old Prague Hotel and then made our way to parking.

Again streets are narrow and not much room for movement. Cobblestones and heaps of tourists.

The buildings are stunning, truly ornate works of art.

Walked across 'most legii' from the National Theatre to the hunger wall. Then back again and around looking for a place for dinner.

We ended up at Pivovar Národní Brewery. A great beer garden out back, so we found a spot to sit and had great steaks and salad.

Then a 15 minute meander back to the hotel. Checked out the strange moving sculpture and back to the 'couldn't swing a cat in it if you tried' room.

Thankfully this is only one night before we go in to a more suitable one tomorrow.

Tomorrow is rivercruise tour!

Na zdraví!

Kat xo

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