Prague, CZ

What a beautiful city! The historic Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Castle create a beautiful backdrop to this bustling city.

With all its crazy little mazes of cobblestone streets and alleys, Prague has a lot to offer tourists from abroad.

Of course the summer season is particularly busy and many streets are just a sea of people! Great for people watching whilst drinking pivo! (Beer)

We started our few days with a full day guided tour of Prague. We caught a bus for part of it, walked miles for the most of it and finished with a boat cruise.

Old Prague and the castle grounds have been around since 1230 where it was rich with merchants houses from Romanesque times.

Prague clearly had a lot to offer for the likes of Mozart and other musicians and artists to come here.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge tower is one of the oldest pieces of gothic architecture. The bridge is the link between Old Town and Lesser Quarter.

Thirty statues serve as a gallery across the bridge. The originals are now being replaced with replicas and over the next few years will be exhibited inside the castle walls.

The bridge was named after Charles IV but he never saw it to completion having died 3 years earlier. The earlier Bridge had been destroyed during a flood in 1342. At 5.31am construction of the Charles Bridge took place on the 9th July 1357. It was done on completely odd numbers.(numerology significance) 971357531 as displayed above the gate.

Prague Castle

The castle, once home to the royal family of Schwarzenberg and other royal families, now serves as presidential suites for the Cžech President.

The flag is flying during our visit which means of course, the President is in the country.

This popular tourist destination features many castle rooms, small shops of handcrafts, museum, monuments, cafes and of course St Vitus Cathedral. Some areas are closed or heavily guarded due to the Presidential office.

We arrived at the castle in time for the changing of the guard at one of the 3? Main entrances. Guards perform their changing ceremony every 30minutes.

As you enter into the square there is a beautiful Baroque fountain and water well from the 17th century.

St Vitus Cathedral

This formidable piece of architecture was started in the 14th century with one section built in 1812-1929. Essentially 1004 years to build!

The beautiful big round window in one end of the cathedral was constructed in 1928 with 26,000 pieces of glass. I kid you not!

The stunning glass windows and other ornate features are truly stunning.

On the outside wall as you exit the cathedral is a massive mosaic made in 1371 of hundreds of thousands of Venetian glass and sandstone cubes.

It was the original entrance to the cathedral with the mosaic depicting heaven on the left and hell on the right.

What a fabulous visit into history, but wait, there's more!

Kat xo

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