More Prague, CZ

There is more than meets the eye in Prague and amongst the hidden, crowded and busy streets we find more history, museums and treasures.

Jewish Quarter

Having been around since 906, we walked past the Pinkas Synagogue. One of 7 synagogues in the area.

The area also has the oldest Jewish synagogue in Europe from 1270. (I hope all my figures are right, it was hard to keep up with the typing whilst the tour guide was talking)

It is used every year for Jewish holiday celebrations. Behind it, the cemetery has some of the oldest tombstones. People were buried in 12 layers with the last interned in 1787.

The City

Just some interesting bits and pieces I noted down during the tours as we flew around in the bus, walked for miles or relaxed on the boat.

  • There are 46 McDonalds and 38 KFC restaurants in Prague.
  • Bata shoes once owned and produced in Cžech, currently in Canada, are in the process of having it return to Cžech Republic. The store in Prague is 5 floors of shoes!!
  • Paris Street is their most expensive strip of high end shops.
  • A paradox of history – once where a huge statue of Stalin stood was later a statue of Michael Jackson when he held a concert there.
  • Approx 1million people are recorded as living in Prague. A big issue come tourist season where it swells beyond that.
  • Renovation works to buildings and statues are carried out during summer. Making it busier.
  • 1.1% unemployment, best in Europe.
  • Sports stadium was built in 1926 taking just 6 months to build. It's massive, looks run down and covered in graffiti but apparently still very much used.
  • The Dept of Foreign Affairs building which has more windows than days of the year (tour guides words, haa haa) used to be a mental asylum!
  • During summer, some 10,000 people take one of the boat trips. They run about every 10mins.

There is more with the replica Eiffel tower up on Perrin Park hill,

the Hunger Wall memorial, Wenscelas Square,

the Powder Tower

and of course the gorgeous and popular Astronomical Clock

in the Old Town Square where hundreds gather in and around cafe's to watch it go through its motions on the hour. (Video is on FB)

Kat xo

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