Wartrace, Tennessee

What a neat range! Permanent facades for every stage, built on private property where it is purely for Cowboy Action Shooting.

The Regulators Reckoning, Tennessee State Match was held this past weekend and the weather was, if not, back to normal and a little on the hot side of the gauge.

We arrived into Tullahoma on the Wednesday afternoon and did a recon out to the range.


Thursday was some side matches and then we participated in a 4 stage Wild Bunch match. Hot, with tired legs and aching feet we didn't stay for the man on man event and headed back to the motel.


Friday we began with 5 stages of main match finishing just after 1pm. After lunch they had a team event. Names were draw from a hat to decide the make up of the three person teams. A clever concept! Jack and I were both lucky. It was Jackaroo, Prestidigitator, Marshall Rico. I was with Blackfish Kid and Ocoee Red.

It was an all knockdown timed stage, one would do pistol, one the rifle, one finish on the shotgun.

Anyway when it all boiled down to it, the team I was with won in 20.21sec!! I will add, if Jacks team hadn't had a slight fumble with the shotgun they would have beaten us!

After that it was all fun, making up your own teams and having fun trying to outdo each other as team on team events!

Dinner was at the range that night with side match awards held and with Whiskey Hayes working for Jack Daniels there was plenty of 'extra prizes' to go around!


Saturday was back into the final 5 stages with a turn in the weather (having become overcast and 25 degrees less than the previous 2 days!), the sun eventually appeared about the last 2 stages.

I'd like to thank our awesome Posse, Posse 3 a great bunch of people. Jackaroo and myself with C. W. Knight (our Posse leader), Fort Knox, Cody Kid, Boxom Boo, Tucker T Fudpucker, Buford Tanner, Marshal Rico, Sassy Teton Lady, Deadwood Woody, Wabash Valley Slim, Big Country, Christian Mortician and Smokin' Dave.

That evening was the banquet and awards, a good turn out of people with some fabulous costumes. I didn't even recognise Titus A. Gnatsass in his steampunk costume and mask! Pictured below with Dirty Nerdy.


A different twist on awards I thought, all the Tennessee State Champions were called up for their category and received their buckles first. Then all the categories were awarded according to placing.

Jack won 2nd place in Silver Senior – 1st place Knob Creek Drover, 3rd place and Tennessee State Champ Ocoee Red, 4th place Pig Iron Lane, 5th place C. W. Knight. Congratulations gents!


I was 2nd place in Lady Wrangler – 1st place and Tennessee State Champ Dew R Dye, 3rd place Cotton Tail and 4th place VIX-N With Vaqueros. Congratulations lovely ladies and a pleasure to duel again with Dew, 2.6sec's between us, 9 rank points!


This years overall winners were Lead Ringer and Slick's Sharpshooter. The overall Tennessee State Winners were Cumberland Drifter and Dew R Dye! Congratulations!

We had a great time, thanks to all the Wartrace Regulators for all your hard work!

Kat xo

P.S. Finished it off today with the Wild Bunch Range Officer course. Passed!



Moonshine, whiskey, cowboy boots and more.(cue singing)'…..rocky top, you'll always be, home sweet home to me….good Ol' rocky top, rocky top Tennessee….'

Through Sevierville we had to stop at Dolly Parton's statue, this was her home town and as we had decided to forego the Dollywood theme park, I just had to have a picture with Dolly! (Singing with Dolly).'..in my coat of many colours, my mama made for me…'


We got into Pigeon Forge yesterday, acquired some boots, went to the Christmas Place!…..wow, think this one beats the Leavenworth one, even the Denny's diner next door is Christmasfied! Yes I just made up that word, well it is!…(with eyes wide and sing)'….jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock….'


Found the same decorations as last year, now we can update one with Miss Chelsea on it and what the heck, got one done up with the grandkids names on it, in the order they came! Lol!


…..found a place to stay and headed down to 'The Island'.

(Singing again)'….wasting away again in Margaritaville, searching for my lost shaker of salt…..' oh yeah! Well actually before we got to Margaritaville we went to the Ole Smokey Moonshine distillery and marvelled at all the different flavours before doing some taste testing. Lucky they only give it to you in small thimble sized cups.


We were started off with the Blue Flame 128 proof! Woah, doesn't that catch in your throat! Wash it away with the Margarita moonshine and continue with all sorts of delectable flavours!


Now to Margaritaville for dinner and beer, talked with some people from here and Memphis. One on a work trip to Sydney later this year.


From there we headed to the Smoky Mountain Wheel and took a ride to see the light show from above.


Today we headed down to Gatlinburg, walked around the street and little shops, took the Sky Lift up the hill to check out the view.


Into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, winding our way through 17 miles of gorgeous trees and running streams. Didn't get to see any bears though.


Soon Mother Nature will wave her wand and all of this will be a spectacular winter wonderland.

Kicking back West towards Tullahoma.

Kat xo

Annnnd I've still got Rocky Top stuck in my head!


Gunfight in Dixie XIV, done!

What a great shoot!

We had a ball. Great stages, great range, awesome hosts! The shoot was based on Quigley Down Under. Yep, Tom Selleck, Australia, perfect really!

Besides the rain making everything a little soggy, this is a great range. Permanent facades with a lot of detail and thought adorns this neat little range.


There are signs and different bits and pieces that make the inside of the facades look like you walked back into time. Apparently the hotel has previously held poker games etc in it during the later evenings. It has lights and fans inside and tables can be set up in there.


Every stage had some cover, 5 have permanent cover and all have fans in them and at the loading tables.


Saturday night was dinner and side match awards, sitting listening, talking with different folks and drinking some of the purest white lightning I've seen or tasted at 95 proof.


Thanks to Hot Lead Lefty, Tennessee Whiskers, Cherokee Sergeant, Dew R Dye and all the Memphis Gunslingers and help, for hosting a great match!

We had a great Posse, with Cumberland Drifter, C W Knight, Tombstone John, our Posse Marshall Randy Saint Eagle, Dode City Dixie, Reno Mustang, Cullen Bohannon, Little JB, Ginderella, Jailbreak Jake, Johnny Tennessee, Mud Puppy, Silas Armas Aubrey, Tomme Gunz, Tennessee Pencil Pusher, Jack and myself.


Their top gun shoot off went well with a 10 plate knockdown rack for rifle, Texas star and dump plate for pistol and shotgun. I haven't got any pictures or video from that though.

Koda Joe and I won best dressed cowboy and cowgirl for the weekend. Congratulations to all the category winners and placers. Jack finished 1st in Senior and I was 1st in Lady Wrangler.


Top cowboy at the shootout was Slick Mclade with Dew R Dye taking Top cowgirl. Good fun!

The overall winners for this years Gunfight in Dixie was Blackfish Kid (cowboy) and Slick's Sharpshooter (cowgirl), congratulations!


Kat xo



Miss 19 asked me one day, “Mum what is B-Western?” Well I could explain to her what it meant for Single Action shooters by way of category, dress, firearms etc but what did it really mean?

Now I also knew it related to the silver screen era, John Wayne, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and the like. So a little research got me looking further at the term.

In short, (because we don't need the full explanation on here) film production in the late 1920's and into the 1930's and 40's saw the double billing or short inexpensive films added to fill a program. Mostly due to rental of space to show a film and therefore to make it worthwhile not only for theatre goers but for the management and staff.

Western movies were said to be the most predominant in the 30's and accounted for 25-30% of production. Therefore the term, B-Western!

However, costume wise, it is all about the smiley pockets, piping, fringing, different coloured cuffs and yokes, bright coloured fabrics, embroidery and a little bit of bling thrown in for good measure.

There are many fine examples of such with the most revered being those created by Nudie Cohn. In particular to the country music artists over many years.

I found these little gems on some Grand Old Opry dvd's borrowed from 'Emerald'. Priceless! I'm sure I recognised one outfit on a DVD that we saw at the Ryman Auditorium when we were there in 2014.

This one of Ernest Ashworth wearing his 'Talkback Trembling Lips' outfit that matched his song! What a classic! Blinged up bars of music, the writing and of course the lips across it.


I think it was this one of Porter Wagoner's we may have seen at the Ryman or at the Country Music Hall of Fame.


In the realm of costuming I have completed a few B-Western outfits now and think there will be more to come.

Here is 'Lil McGill' from Texas, in her Annie Oakley inspired outfit (as worn by Gail Davis in the tv series of Annie Oakley in the 1950's). We saw the original on display at the Oklahoma National Cowboy Museum and Hall of Fame and it just had to become an outfit for Lil! She won best dressed B-Western Lady at the 2015 US Nationals – Winter Range, 2015 World Championships – End Of Trail and then the trifecta, 2015 South West Regionals – Red Dirt Rampage.

(2nd Place, Sonora Blaze, 3rd Place, Paniola Annie)


Our Aussies can be partial to a bit of B-Western flair as well and when 'Katie Younger' and 'Robb and Co' hit the USA in 2015 they wanted an Australian themed get up. So National emblem and flower with kangaroo's, Southern Cross and the Australian flag were the order. They won 2nd Place Best Dressed Couple at the 2015 World Championships – End of Trail. Katie has the first B-Western outfit I ever made in a red and black combo.


'Sonora Blaze' from Colorado also required a show stopper and we got to doing this Dale Evans inspired number but in the turquoise instead of the original coral colour. Sonora won 2nd Place Best Dressed at the 2016 US Nationals – Winter Range.


'Flat Top Okie' from Oklahoma, required a shirt to match the boots he'd bought and after searching for the right colour fabric came up with the perfect match! Add in some custom styled design and a little bit of bling and there you have it.


And so we come to the latest creation in this genre. Another beautiful outfit for 'Lil McGill' with bits of a Patsy Cline outfit and inspiration from Annie Get Your Gun costumes for Betty Hutton, Lil will be the ultimate ray of sunshine getting around the range in this number! There are a couple of things left to do, like pearl snaps, embroidered triangles for pockets and careful trimming of embroidery threads but I can't wait to see this one decked out with Lil's final touches!


Bling it if you can!

Kat xo

P.S. Weirdly, I am looking forward to more smiley pocket experimentation, I think I nailed it on Lil's skirt. Have to do pockets on shirt now!




On To Lynchburg

Slept through the alarm this morning which puts us slightly behind but anyway, a glorious start to the day with sunshine and clear blue skies.

There are some very soggy looking crop paddocks this morning on the way out of Arkansas.

Heading into Memphis area, I thought we may have been in Egypt for a minute! (What is that pyramid building?) Welcome to Tennessee as we come onto the bridge. Normally we have come across the twin bridges down the Mississippi River as we've headed South, can you see them in the distance?

We're taking the 64 he says, despite being slower speeds, this is beautiful – green, green as far as the eye can see. Fields of corn and not sure, but may be cotton, it's wet enough for it. (Cotton or soybeans)

These towns are beautiful, very patriotic and church going communities through here. Bolivar, Adamsville, Crump and Savannah to name but a few, if we'd have had more time it would have been nice to stop in Savannah and check out the Tennessee River Museum and the Savannah River Trail. There were a couple of gorgeous old homes as we came in and a monument of canon balls that said US Grant Headquarters.

A bit of research tells me that Savannah was the site of the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War where US Grant commandeered the 'Cherry Mansion' for his headquarters during this battle. (Also known as 'Battle of Pittsburg Landing') ohhhh that means the first gorgeous house that I missed getting a pic of was Cherry Mansion.

On the eastern outskirts are large logging and quarry industries. This is a big place.

Near Waynesboro they are making some new road, call me crazy, but the site of Moxy's, excavators and a 'blast zone' sign still excites me a little, just a tiny bit.

That's it, done, a temporary moment of weakness, I love my life!

Pressing on we travelled through Lawrenceburg and Fayetteville.


Fayetteville, looks like another town steeped in history, established in 1810 and part of civil war history – in 1815 the County Courthouse was built and was used to house Union troops during the Civil War. Beautiful plantation style homes with well kept grounds through here.

We are only 15 miles from Lynchburg now and the Jack Daniels Distillery!


Kat xo

PS. The pyramid in Memphis? Is an arena, a 60% replica of the The Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. At 32 stories tall is the third largest pyramid in the world and is clad in stainless steel. So there you go!